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# Awesome-LBRY-Projects

A list of community run projects built on and for the LBRY protocol.

# Contents

# LBRY clients

# LBRY web-based front-ends

# Tools

# Applications bots and addons

# Scripts

# Analytics

  • LBRYnomics (opens new window) - A website with tons of data on the top channels on the LBRY protocol, general data widgets and graphs.
  • LBRYlytics (opens new window) - A tool to visualize your stats pulled from LBRYio ChainQuery, LBRY API and CryptoCompare public APIs to get your data and is in no way affiliated with LBRY, Inc.

# LBRY infrastructure monitoring

  • - Madiator uptime tracker
  • - Public LBRY Blockchain Network Overview

# Browser extensions

# LBC wallets

# LBC mining pools - LBRYPools Discord (opens new window)